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"Hallo! My name is Linda and I founded 2mothers in 2016 together with Inge. I remember when my father started development aid in the late 90's. I was very proud of the work he did, and more than anything it inspired me. My father teached me that it is always better to give than to take. I take that mindset with me, in all the work I do for 2Mothers. It gives me satisfaction, energy and pride to see "Our" mothers working and to assist them in developing themselves and their quality of living. 

Besides my work with 2Mothers, I work as productmanagers in wholesale. I use the skills and knowlegde of this work, with 2Mothers to guarantee a success. It makes me beyond proud to do this work with Inge, Fleur and Eva."



Meet the Team - Inge.png

Hi! I am Inge, and I am the founder of 2Mother together with my sister Linda. Alongisde, I am the founder of The Thom Foundation. For this foundation, Linda and myself travelled to Bangladesh in 2016. During our stay, we met and had meaningful conversations with the mothers of childern with a disability. I was touched by their power, positivity and strength, but their hard reality was visible.  

I want to make a difference for those mothers, and vulnerable mothers worldwide, small or big. With 2Mothers we make this difference in a fair and sustainable matter. Enhancing everyone's opportunities is something that suits me well, with the work that I do for 2Mothers but also with my work as Junior High School Nurse. 



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"Hi! My name is Roksana and I live in Bangladesh. Since 2019, I am the coordinator for the Mothers in Bangladesh. With this, I support and coordinate the mothers with their work. Alongside, I check the products made by the mothers before they are shipped. I am in contact with Inge and Linda during the orders. I am very grateful and proud that I am working with 2Mothers. With this, I am able to provide for my family."



Meet the Team - Fleur .png

Hi, my name is fleur, and I am the marketing advisor for 2Mothers. With my master in Marketing Mangamenet and my knowledge in digital marketing, I hope to contribute to the succes of 2Mothers. With my grandfather as great example, I have always felt a passion to support foundations and non-profit organisations. Therfore, I am very grateful to contribute to 2Mothers. I feel very proud that we improve the living conditions for families in Bangladesh, and with that, a small gesture makes a great impact. 



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Hallo, My name is Eva and I am the social content creator at 2Mothers.I am proud to provide my contribution to this organisation and to make a difference for vulnerable mothers worldwide. Since, I was little my familie has been involved in development support, and in 2007 my parents founded The Thom Foundation. I have learned that it is always better to give than to take, and giving will make a difference in the world, big or small. I furthermore try to continue this during my Masters in public International Law. 



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