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2Mothers for a better future

Stichting 2Mothers is a foundation that has as main aim to provide work for vulnerable mothers worldwide. We are currently active, together with our partners, in Bangladesh and Ethiopia. 

To achieve this, 2Mothers provides training and work for those mothers. They receive a fair payment for their work which improves the living quality for them and their families rapidly. 2Mothers is responsible for the international retail of the products.


In Bangladesh, 2Mothers works closely together with CJWBD, Corr de Jute Works (for more information see CJWBD is a great fairtrade organisation which provides, in collaboration with 2Mothers, training for vulnerable mothers in making living and home products of Jute. 2Mothers is responsible for providing orders for the mothers and the international retail of those products. The mothers make beautiful handmade rugs, baskets, bags and hammocks of jute. 

In Ethiopia, 2Mothers works closely together in Betta Buna (for more information see ( ). Betta Buna is an organisation that supports vulnerable women by giving them the opportunity to farm their own coffeebeans and to sell those for a fair price. 2Mothers buys those coffeebeans farmed by vulnerable mothers and sells them on the international market. With this, 2Mothers provides a living wage, farmers supports and entrepeneurship. 

The profit of these projects flows back to The Thom Foundation, a foundation that supports projects worldwide for childern with a disability.  (for more information see With this, 2Mothers provides a system that makes impact to all vulnerable groups worldwide. 

The ambition of 2Mothers is to employ more vulnerbale mothers each year, and to provide them a sustainable and independent income which imporves their living qualities. Alongside, the ambition of 2Mother is to create profits flowing back to the TTF, to support projects for childern with a disability worldwide. 

As a non-profit organisation we highly value support and sponsorships from organisations. One of those organisations is Stichting Helder Gooise Meren (for more information see who funded our webshop. 

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