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Empowering vulnerable mothers around the world by drinking delicious 100% natural coffee. Couldn't be easier! 2Mothers helps every company, big or small, to create a fair and equal future for all vulnerable mothers in the world. If you serve our coffee, you will immediately make a difference!

2Mothers works together with Bette Buna. An international social coffee company that helps vulnerable communities in Ethiopia on their way to an equal future. The 2MPower coffee comes directly from a Bette Buna coffee station in Ethiopia that is staffed by vulnerable mothers. The women have a permanent contract with good working conditions, with which they earn a living income, their children can go to school and as a family they get a fair and equal chance for the future. But we do not stop there. 2MPower together with Bette Buna furhtermore encourages vulnerable mothers outside the coffee station to start their own business. They receive training in entrepreneurial skills, seed capital and coaching.

As a company, you can easily store your coffee (both beans and fresh brew), and maintenance materials in our business order customer portal. Looking for a good coffee machine and don't want to worry about malfunctions, maintenance or other problems? We work together with permanent machine and service partners. We are happy to advise you.

By serving 2MPower coffee to yourself, your customers and colleagues, you directly contribute to a good, fair and equal future opportunity for vulnerable mothers and their families. Everywhere in the world.


1. 100% naturally produced


2. Sourced from biodiverse coffee farms


3. Perfectly matched for fully automatic and semi-automatic machines


4. Both available as Fresh Brew variant and Beans variant


Per 1000 kilo roasted coffee:

One vulnerable mother receives an entrepreneurial program with seed capital to start a business


Three vulnerable mothers are provided with work in a new company


4 x 8 family members are given a new perspective


Total: 32+4 opportunities in coffee community

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